Internet TV

At The Crossing at Lick Creek we have cut the cord of captivity to cable TV!  This means that our residents are no longer captive to the high price and limited content options of a cable TV channel provider. Cable TV providers use a copper-wire coax cable to your home, and require you to bundle your TV subscription with your Internet subscription. They have been able to come to a new neighborhood when they choose, typically waiting until there are enough customers to justify their effort, and then charge whatever they want. We are the first neighborhood in B/CS that connects ultra-high-speed Internet to your home, unbundling this from TV content subscriptions, and eliminating the need for cable. There are three elements to this new Internet TV.
1. Internet Connection: We provide, thru CEO Communications, several fiber Internet choices including a package with gigabit speed directly to your home!  Each home will connect to our neighborhood’s fiber-fed Internet point of presence (POP) all the way to your home with monthly subscriptions starting as low as $59.99.  Not only does our fiber system provide you the Internet, but these types of speeds allow you to easily stream live TV as well as replay shows on your TV systems, phones, pads, notebooks, and computers through your home network and wi-fi connection.
2. Interface box to TV: With our fiber Internet connection, you can access all kinds of content on your TV, such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, WatchESPN, Amazon Video, HBO Go, VUDUPandora, and hundreds more applications, on a free or pay-as-you-go basis, or by monthly subscription. Computers, phones, pads, and notebooks are already set up for watching this content.  “Smart” TVs also include this Internet-ready feature, but if your TV does not, there are several interface boxes that you can buy for $100 or less. This box connects to your home network by ethernet cable or wi-fi, and outputs movies, TV shows, and music through an HDMI cable to your TV.  You use a remote to scroll and select your content as it is displayed on the TV screen.  Links to a selection of good boxes is shown below.  We have extensive experience using each of these.  We like the Roku box the best because of its flexibility and content add-on features.  The Amazon remote has voice response that is nice. The Sony players also play DVDs, and the Tivo box has a very nice digital recorder (DVR).  DVRs may become relics as your ability to call up any movie or TV show you want keeps getting better.  The Apple TV box allows easy connection to your iPhone and iPad so you can play their content on your TV
Amazon Fire TV Stick:
Sony Blu Ray
3. TV Channel Provider:  Now, bundles of live local and network TV channels are being provided in a range of prices by several TV Channel Providers offering monthly subscriptions with no long-term contract. Links to the most popular ones are shown below.  We like the Playstation VUE the best.  (None of these have a box that comes with them.  They are simply web sites that you access for TV shows.) This field of providers will continue to grow as YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and others may enter, so your choices will get even better with time.
Click here to listen to a radio interview clip about Internet TV!
Alternatively, should you still desire a traditional TV service:  You can subscribe to DirecTV or Dish Network offerings that include network channels and locals  These packages can be provided by our technology partners CEO Communications.